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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 22, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> michelle and i will be fortunate enough to hug our girls a little tighter this weekend, as i'm sure you will do with your children, but for those parents that may not be so fortunate we need to embrace them and let them know we will there be for them as a nation. >> president obama speaking about the tragedy in aurora,
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colorado. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm will thomas. >> i'm maureen umeh. we begin with the top story of the weekend, nation in mourning following friday's movie massacre. president obama traveled to the scene in aurora, colorado. >> new details are emerging about the gunman and the search of his apartment plus we try to understand what could have motivated the killings. >> the mass shootings in colorado killed 12 people and injured nearly 60 people, but tonight president obama traveled to aurora. he was supposed to be in colorado for two hours, but he was so caught up with talking with relatives, survivors and first responders that his visit lasted about four hours. audrey barnes is in the newsroom with more on his remarks. >> the last room that president obama visited at the hospital was 19-year-old allie youngs. her best friend stephanie davis was in there, too and the story of how 21-year-old stephanie saved her best friend crystalized the resilience of community and their will to
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survive. president obama wasted no time reminding the nation about what it takes to overcome a tragedy like the one in aurora. he said it takes people like 21- year-old stephanie davies whose friend allie young was shot through the neck through a vein after standing up when the gunman threw the first canister. stephanie called 911 with one hand while keeping pressure on her friend's wound with the other. >> stephanie with the help of several others carries alliy across two parking lots to where the ambulance -- allie across two parking lot to where the ambulance was waiting and because of stephanie's timely actions i just had a conversation with allie downstairs and she's going to be fine. >> reporter: the president wants the focus to be on young people like allie and stephanie saying they represent the best in all of us. some of the attention, though, will also be on the suspect, at
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least for now, james holmes. his encounter with a gun range owner last month was so disturbing that owner refused to let him join the range. >> usually if i call somebody and leave a message, they call me back immediately the same day. so by the time i call three times, he hasn't called me, it's like okay, i don't like this to begin with. leave it alone. >> reporter: there's also regret from an online tactical gear supplier who has learned that multiple shipments to homes helped him carry out histine -- holmes helped him carry out his sinister plot. >> that's actually one of the first things i thought of was i hope it wasn't an order that came through our sos. >> reporter: police chief dan oat says critical information -- dan oates says critical information has been recovered from the apartment. james holmes will make his first appearance in court tomorrow. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. three days later there's still so many questions
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surrounding the tragedy. what could have motivated the suspect? as for the victims' families and survivors, the coping and grieving process is just beginning. forensic psychologist lisa van susteren is here. investigators scapples holmes, the suspected gunman, had no -- james holmes, the suspected gunman had no criminal history, came from a good neighbor, smart accident won a federal grant to -- smart, won a federal grant to study. on the surface this doesn't sound like a violent guy at all. >> no, it does not but now we're hearing some things that made him stand out as a little bit different. he was socially aqua. he never engaged in -- awkward. never engaged in some of the activities his fellow students engaged in but certainly nothing that would stand out. >> he bought his first gun two months ago and over the next several weeks he bought more guns and ammo. does that say anything about
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his state of mind, part of a planning process to carry this out? >> well, sure and if also suggests that there was a rapid deterioration into this very savage place that he found himself. this is not a guy who had a long history of engaging in militaristic activity and guns and things like this. >> we heard law enforcement say, doctor, stopping a lone wolf is pretty much impossible because the clues are usually skitchy. what's your take? >> at this point when you've got a guy that is hell bent on his killing and is obviously psychotic, that really is too late. the only place to intervene would have to be, will, much further upstream where people can't get themselves into situations like this to begin with. >> he was a phd student in a neuroscience department at university of colorado and was in the process of withdrawing from the program. could a sense of say failure,
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some sort of academic problem cause a person to just snap? >> i think it's much deeper than that and there's sort of a reciprocal relationship between the fact that he mailed may be due to the fact that he was dekoch -- failed may be due to the fact that he was decompensating, so it was probably a reciprocal effect on each other. >> so the victims, the families, the survivors, really the community of aurora, it's all about trying to cope with the loss now, how to make sense of this, right? >> that's really going to be tough, will. obviously some people are going to suffer the consequences of this for the rest of their lives. some will resurface. obviously the community and the country at large is thinking about them and we feel very, very sorry and maybe we can do some soul searching in the future about what we might be able to do to prevent things like this happening. >> dr. lisa van susteren, always good to have you here. thanks for your insight.
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>> thank you, will. another star of the batman film has released a statement today. anne hathaway plays catwoman and she says, "my heartaches for the lives taken by this senseless act. i am at a loss for words. my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families." in light of the shooting warner brothers is not releasing its usual box office revenue reports, but experts estimate the dark knight rises holds a spot in the top three movie openings of all time andous track to bring in nearly 160 million -- and is on track to bring nearly $160 million for the weekend. pope benedict xvi weighing in tonight on the colorado movie theater shootings, also. the pontiff addressed pilgrims at his summer residence today. he says he was deeply shocked and saddened by the senseless violence in aurora and he shares the distress of families and friends of the victims. .
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>> fox 5 will have continuing coverage of this story on our website, as information comes in, we will put it online for you. you can find evour homepage. moving on to a developing story in the district, d.c. police looking for the suspect who stabbed an auto repair shop manager across the street from nationals park. 60-year-old hayes osay dennis died from his injuries. fox 5's karen gray houston spoke with family tonight in ft. washington and joins us with the latest. >> hayes dennis was a family man who moved here from ghana 10 years ago with wife and seven children of his on and was raising two of his brother's children. it's hard for all of them to understand that he went to work one day and never came home. relatives and friends gathered at the ft. washington home of hayes dennis. his wife abigail is still in shock. the stabbing leaves her to raise their six boys, a daughter and two siblings of a
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brother. >> the kids was his life, everything. >> maybe just trying to stick together. that's all we can do at this point. >> reporter: the stabbing happened around 7:00 thursday night about three hours after the nationals game with the mets. bryce mcnitt lives down the block from the auto repair shop. >> from what i mary from witnesses is the guy just walked into -- hear from witnesses is the guy just walked in and asked for a glass of water and he asked for money and he gave him money. >> dennis gave the man $20 he had in his pocket, but the assailant stabbed him twice anyway and ran off. there are several surveillance cameras in the area which mcnitt said employees told him captured the suspect on tape. >> they said it was an african american male 5' 10 with corn rows, white t-shirt and black pant. >> it's a crime that happened in -- pants. >> it's a crime that happened in a neighborhood that's in transition coming into its own because of the nearby baseball
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stadium. >> it's unbelievable. i can't believe that happened in broad daylight in this area. it's such a shame. >> where the stabbing occurred is in stark contrast to the neighborhood just on the other side of nationals stadium. meanwhile in prince george's county dennis' family members recall they were waiting for him to come home for dinner when they got word he had been stabbed. >> if there's one person in this entire toward if god was like i need an angel, i would pick my dad. all i want to know is why. that's all we want to know is why. >> a shop mechanic witnessed the attack. family members are trying to decide whether to have the funeral here or in africa. >> karen gray houston tonight. >> let's switch gears and turn to our weather. >> all around a pretty gray weekend in tower region. how is the workweek shaping up -- in our region. how is the workweek shaping up? >> the prurigos. we at least had some -- the pressure is on. we at least had some sunshine
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this afternoon. humidity is sticking in and it will kick around for a bit as well. 82 degrees attiring national airport, 82 dulles -- at reagan national airport, 82 at dulles. we did get a little break in terms of those very high numbers in terms of temperatures. it's currently 78 degrees at reagan national airport, humidity another factor, 79%. a light southerly wind flow and elsewhere in our neighborhoods we currently have 78 degrees in annapolis, 83 quantico this hour, 72 martinsburg, 76 hagerstown. 73 degrees at culpeper, so it's still really mild. as far as the skies are concerned, we'll see some clouds sticking around in the course of tonight. we had some pretty good clear breaks earlier, but the clouds will be thick as we move into the overnight hours. guess what, get ready. the 90s are returning. the humidity is sticking around, too.
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i'll have the details on the workweek later on. back to you. >> i'm preparing to fan maureen. another big story tonight, thousands of people on the national mall to kick off an international aids conference. >> they rallied and marched from the washington monument. fox 5's john henrehan shows us why some people felt it was so important to there be. >> reporter: the rain held off, so organizers spread out panels of the aids quilt, handmade cloth panels which commemorate the lives of individuals who have died of aids. dorris wall's son died of aids in 1989 and she's been an activist since pushing federal and state governments to do more. >> but you have people in the south that are still on wait lists waiting for their medication and to me it's not a good thing to do. >> reporter: some people are here at the conference because in this crowd it's okay to disclose the fact that you're hiv positive. >> here it's like you don't
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have to worry about whether you got it or not. people will drink from your cup and eat off your plate, all that stuff and it feels really good to be treat like a normal person. >> reporter: several thousand gathered for ab afternoon rally. reverend al sharpton called on all faith communities to comfort those infected with hiv. >> your job, reverend, your job rabbi, your job imam, is not to condemn people. it's to heal people and if you're not down with the healing, you need to turn in your collar and get another kind of vocation. >> reporter: many here also want more governmental funding for aid prevention and education. some here think individual actions also count. pat evans whitfield is a health department worker in fayetteville, north carolina. she wishes more hiv positive clients followed the law requiring only protected sex. >> we expect for you to abide
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by it because you're infecting someone else and we expect at some point we have to say hey, look, this has got to stop because it goes on and on. >> reporter: the purpose of this conference? exchange scientific and policy ideas to better develop strategies to combat aids and hiv. although treatments have improved tremendously in recent years, long time survival is now routine, not everybody gets the medicine. organizers of the conference estimate throughout the world 5,000 people die of aids every single day. in washington john henrehan, fox 5 news. just ahead on the news at 10:00 the tragedy in colorado has lawmakers fired up. today many focused on rallying for stricter gun laws to stop more of these senseless crimes. our fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin will join us to weigh in on the issue. >> plus erasing the memory of joe pa, joe paterno's famous
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statue removed from the penn state campus. we'll have those stories and much more as fox 5 news at 10:00 continues. 
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what happened in colorado is a pattern, not just an incident. this is domestic terrorism, undermining domestic tranquility. between the gabrielle giffords massacre in arizona and the killings in chicago and colorado, this is a national emergency. >> reverend jesse jackson urging the nation's leaders to unite for the ban of assault weapons in the wake of the deadly shootings at the colorado movie theater. the civil rights activist is planning prayer vigils across the country. the new york mayor bloomberg is among those calling for tougher gun laws. fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin is here tonight with some insight. thanks for being here.
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>> thank you. >> both president obama and mitt romney have softened their positions on gun restrictions over the years, but how likely are either one of them to raise gun control as a campaign issue? >> michael bloomberg said that this should be a topic for the campaign and that the candidates have an obligation not to deal in generalities were his words, but to be specific. i don't think you'll see any specifics. michael bloomberg also pointed out that president obama during the 2008 campaign said that he would reinstate the ban on assault weapons and there has been very little discussion and absolutely no executive action on that issue. >> as you mentioned, in the 2008 campaign, president obama was criticized for elitism after sounding dismissive of gun owners after he said something about clinging to guns and frustration. why is he not taking a stronger stance on gun control?
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>> it's pure politics. this is terrible to say, but political calculation. the places where he needs to do well, swing states, ohio, pennsylvania, right here in virginia, there is a strong constituency that are pro second amendment feel they have a right to bear arms that, there shouldn't be any more restrictions, definitely not federal restrictions, let the states handle it and he's not going to get those voter, but he doesn't want to alienate them even more. the turnout will be larger. so he didn't mention it much in 2008. he hasn't mentioned it while he's president and i don't expect him to mention it when he's a candidate. >> okay. you talked about virginia, so let's stick with that. this is playing out on a state level as well. i want to talk about what george allen and also item cain have said in regards to guns, specifically the -- tim kaine have said in regards to guns,
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specifically you can buy guns at gun shows without a background check. what are they saying now in light of all these tragedies? >> tim kaine has had a record of saying there should be background checks for gun shows. that is, what you go to a gun show, they have to do a background check rather than going to a local gun store. george allen doesn't favor that. tim kaine, the nra is going to support george allen and the national rifle association is a potent hobby. they are a potent political force with about 4 million members nationally. they identify who are nra members and get them to the polls and as a political force they are very much to be reckoned with and people of both parties, harry reid, democrat, majority leader is very much pro second amendment. russ feingold who was defeated in wisconsin rated the most liberal senator in the united states senate when he was there
10:22 pm
was pro second ammendment and pro and anti for all practical purposes gun control. so even traditional establishment progressive left wing liberal democrats are very wary of being against the nra and in any way showing any flexibility on this issue. >> we'll have to leave it at that. fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin, thanks as always. >> thank you. still to come tonight penn state is taking steps to wash away any evidence of the school sex scandal, even removing a legend from campus. we'll explain. >> plus where in the world is michael jackson's mother? tonight some family members say catherine jackson is missing. the latest on that story and much more as we continue. 
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the famous statue of joe paterno outside the penn state football stadium has been removed. workers lifted the 7-foot statue off its base using a
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forklift as dozens of students watched, some chanting we are penn state. the statue was built in 2001 in honor of paterno's record setting coaching victory. the removal comes after the ncaa announced it will issue sanctions against the university after top officials were accused in the scathing report of burying child sex abuse allegations against jerry sandusky. conflicting reports tonight regarding the whereabouts of michael jackson's mother. 82-year-old catherine jackson was rotted missing by a family member -- reported missing by a family member yesterday and paris jackson also tweeted about her missing grandmother. the los angeles county sheriff's department says they believe she is safe in arizona with family members following a doctor's orders to rest. mrs. jackson has been caring for michael's children since their father's death. our coverage tonight of the colorado movie massacre is far from over. we'll go live to aurora. >> plus we learn more about the 12 people killed in the mass shooting. the news at 10:00 will be right
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> the news at 10:00 continues tonight with the movie massacre in colorado. hundreds of gathering in aurora tonight for a prayer vigil to honor the shooting victims. president obama met with the injured at the colorado hospital. the suspect's surrender it's reported wasn't as cut and dry as previously thought. aurora police say james holmes could have been mistaken for an arriving s.w.a.t. officer because of his full body armor. three days have now passed since the shootings. 24 people remain hospitalized and nine are in critical condition. fox's craig boswell joins us live from aurora, colorado. you're outside the apartment building where the accused
10:31 pm
gunman james holmes lived. are investigators still there tonight? >> reporter: good evening. evidence response technicians have wrapped up their work inside the apartment. it's the third for that apartment where all the windows are broken out. they wrapped up around 2:00 this morning, saw them bringing out a computer and hardware and computer tower. we've also learned that some of the evidence they took was a batman poster and mask, not sure which character, but some of the other things we're learning about that were brought out from the apartment as well as accelerants, gasoline, powder, all that meant not to just explode but cause a firebomb and investigators say that he intended more carnage here at this third floor apartment. >> are investigators confident his neighbors can return home? has that happened yet? >> reporter: no. there's 12 units in this apartment building. they are not being allowed back home into this apartment building. they say there might still be a threat from all the hazardous materials. most of that has been removed
10:32 pm
and exploded. you probably saw the video where it was taken to a remote area and exploded. the adjacent buildings here all around us, this is a densely populated area, those families returned last night, not without some trepidation because most of them have small children and the children had looks on their faces like hey, is it safe for us to be here? children are not supposed to deal with that type of a threat. >> who can blame them. ed when maureen mention that holmes nearly slipped away from police. >> reporter: that was interesting. i heard an officer say they thought he was a s.w.a.t. team member because of the way he was dressed head to toe in protective gear, bulletproof vest, leggings, gas mask and there was that kind of hey, is this guy one of the first responders or s.w.a.t. team? fortunately that did not happen and he was arrested without incident what we're told. of course, police are being very tight lipped about this investigation and very meticulous. we should learn more about this tomorrow morning when james
10:33 pm
holmes has his first court appearance. >> let me just get a sense as improve through town there, in tragedies such as this and -- move through town there, in tragedies such as this and we saw this in columbine and other areas that experienced tragedies, there is a sense the community really comes together to help one another, they're all going through it essentially. is that the sense you're getting as well? >> reporter: absolutely. no doubt about. that you can't go into any business or home without someone being touched by this. we went into the target store. immediately you could feel the heavy air in there. well, because someone at work there had been killed inside that theater. this is a very tight knit community. everyone is affected. everyone pulled together. you saw that in the vigil and in president obama's remarks. he extended his time here he was so moved by the people here. >> craig boswell, thanks for joining us. as more details emerge about the colorado movie shooting, the identities of all 12 people killed have now been revealed. >> fox's anna coyman has more
10:34 pm
on the victims. >> reporter: the mayor of aurora saying this morning some of the injured may not survive. we are remembering those whose lives have already been lost. the youngest of the victims 6- year-old veronica moeser sullivan was excited about learning to -- moser sullivan was excited about learning to swim. her mother remains in critical condition. 23-year-old micayla medek attend attended aurora community college and was a huge packers fan. aspiring sports reporter 24- year-old jessica ghawi narrowly missed a shooting in canada just last month and wrote in a blog i saw the victims of a senseless crime and saw life change. at 26 jonathan blunk had served three tours with the navy and planned to become a seal. blunk was a father of two.
10:35 pm
comic book geek and new york mets fan alex sullivan would have been celebrating both his 27th birthday and first wedding anniversary this weekend. as the attack unfolded 27-year- old target employee matt mcquinn dove in front of his girl friend to shield her from the gunfire. she survives. the oldest victim was seeing the movie with his two teen-age children, 51-year-old gordon cowden's family says he was a true texas gentleman 18-year- old alexander boik a recent high school graduate was described as a ball of joy by his friend. his girl friend survived. everyone expected them to get married. 29-year-old jesse childress was a cyberren ises operator. 32-year-old -- cyber series
10:36 pm
operator. 32-year-old rebecca eckert was described as having a bubbly personality. she worked in customers relations. >> earlier tonight thousands of friends, family and well wishers gathered at the movie theater in aurora for a vigil to remember the 12 lives lost. when we return on the 10:00 the nats try to put a little distance between themselves and the second place braves. >> could they do it? lindsay murphy has the answers next in sports. >> we had a little cooldown today but short lived. guess what? the heat is on. we'll see more air pushing in from the south, hot, human and sticky headed back to the 90 -- humid and sticky headed back to the 90s. i'll have your full forecast later. stay with us. we'll be back after the break. beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain,
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america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
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we're talking about the nats, bryce harper shaking off a little ball to the ankle and ryan zimmerman doing well. and that's sports. thank you very much. >> oh, man, you kill me. >> i just love it because i
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never know what you're going to throw at me about the nationals. >> will has something for everyone. >> bryce harper is fine and ryan is doing really great. okay. we'll see you tomorrow. the nationals didn't lose or gain any ground in the division this weekend in the four-game series again the braves. they did -- stop it -- they did, however, lose their all- star shortstop ian desmond. he is going to miss a few weeks to rest a tear in his oblique. we'll show you the nat and braves this afternoon. ryan zimmerman has been in a terror as of late. in the 1st inning he just clears the tall wall in right field, a two-run shot, his first one of the year, 2-0 nats. his next at bat he pulls the offering to left field, make that home run no. 14 on the year. 5-0 nats and it was more than enough for starter ross detwiler. the lefty out of a jam in the 4th with bases loaded induce the one, two, three double
10:41 pm
play, detwiler goes seven innings, one earned run with three strikeouts. nationals win 9-2. the orioles in cleveland, second batter j.j. hardy and he goes yard with a man on, a quick 2-0 lead for the o's, his 14th dinger of the season, but this game got awfully close. bird up 4-3 in the 9th, two on for the indians and gym johnson gets cabrera -- and jim johnson gets cabrera swinging. they get the final game of the series on the road. it seemed like the aussie had this in the bag at the british open but has a major meltdown later missing the par on 15, no big deal, just bogey, but on 16 an even shorter par putt. scott's lead starts to dwindle and out of nowhere comes ernie els. he needs this to take the clubhouse lead at 7-under and he does. else comes back from six shot down to put himself in
10:42 pm
contention. back to scott. he bogeyed 17, his third in a row. now he needs this putt on 14 to force a playoff and misses. he finishes with four straight bogeys, a 5-over 75 and a meltdown. meanwhile ernie els wins and celebrate his second open championship. coming up on nissan sports xtra kastles highlight, plus davey johnson talks about bryce harper's sports injury. >> i do my bit. >> just ahead we've got a story for all you parents. you know sleep deprivation goes happened in hand with newborns. now there's help to get you some much needed rest when the news at 10:00 comes right back. ♪
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deprivation comes with the territory. >> sleep, what's that? but there is a growing industry of counselors who can help you and your little ones get the rest you deserve. fox 5's dr. roshim raj shows us how to win the bedtime battle. >> bedtime can be a battle, a baby who won't stop crying, a toddler who refuses to lie down. for some parents that can mean days, weeks, months or even years without a good night's rest. >> i was always exhausted literally. everyone says that, but all new moms feel it. >> how do you get your child to sleep? there's no shortage of advice? >> basically get them tired. >> a good lunch. >> maybe give them warm milk. >> give them a nice warm bath. >> let them cry it out. >> but with so many ideas which one works for you? first it's important to remember that different babies have different needs and sleep doesn't come easy for everyone. >> it's a learned skill and just like any other skill children learn some will have an easy time.
10:47 pm
some will not. >> if you tried everything and it's not working, don't worry. you might need help from a professional. sleep coaches are popping up all over the country. they'll come to your home and devise a plan specifically for you and your family. >> whenever possible, i like to see the environment. i like to see how a couple interacts and how they interact with the baby. >> dr. janet kennedy is a clinical cost who specializes in finding sleep solution -- psychologist who specializes in finding sleep solutions for adults and children. she said the problem is deciphering what approach is best for you. >> figuring out how to get partners working together, looking at the child and figuring out what's going to soothe this child in particular, what's getting in the way here? >> she'll help you figure out your child's own personal sleep language. she says if your child rubs his eyes, is cranky or puts his head down, he's probably
10:48 pm
already overtired. >> what you're looking for are much subtler cues like with a smaller baby, they tend to gaze out into the distance or give you a long slow motion blink. they might be less active, less vocal. you'll see just a pause in whatever they're doing. >> people come to me when they're at rock bottom. >> christina gancher has a masters in developmental psychology and has lectures on how to help your kids sleep, makes house calls and creates a customized sleep plan for you and your child. >> there is light at the end of the tunnel. it takes a lot of work and consistency, but it can be achieved. >> her clients agree. >> it's totally changed me. i'm able to get a good eight hours sleep some nights. >> with her 1-year-old christina's approach was something called the shuffle. >> putting the baby in bed, staying by the crib, you know, for two nights and then moving a little bit way for another two nights and slowly moving yourself out of the room.
10:49 pm
>> it makes the baby feel comfortable you're there while teaching them to fall asleep on their own. after the initial consultations the sleep coaches check in to make sure you're sticking with the plan and for many that creates a sense of accountability. >> i knew she was going to call me in the morning and say hello, how was the night. i would have to answer her and had i taken him out or nursed him through the night, i would be obviously embarrassed to admit that to her. >> her coaches say it's crucial to set up a routine with your child. >> they come to rely on the structure of the routine to kind of keep them from getting distracted and turning it into play type. >> if you're in a problem and you want to get out, picking a plan and being consistent with it is the most important thing. >> having a sleep coach is a way to get personalized individual support so that everyone in the family can sleep. >> i feel like everyone need someone to just push them to say you can do it and coaching them along.
10:50 pm
>> our coaches say if you stick with the plan, you could begin seeing changes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. i'm dr. roshni rag, fox news. >> maureen was intently -- rag, fox news. >> maureen was listening intently. >> different strokes for different folks. everyone is different, right? now go to sleep. >> we'll talk about our weather, not such a bad day. >> it wasn't. we started with some clouds, fog. the sun came out. it was really nice and a lot of activities on the national mall. people at least did not have to worry about rainfall, which was good. a little humid. the humidity is sticking around a bit. so that's something we'll just have to adjust to unfortunately. skies not bad tonight. we'll see some clouds increase in the overnight hours, but unsettled weather through the early part of the week. brace yourself and could see strong storms as well. we'll talk about that, lots of humidity once again and guess what's happening with the
10:51 pm
temperatures. they'll be on the rise, those 90s going to make a comeback. hopefully you got to enjoy what we did have the last couple days which was much cooler, 82 degrees at national airport today, 82 dulles and 80 degrees at bwi thurgood marshall. these temperatures are some 7 to 8 degrees below the seasonal average. right now we are at 78 degrees at national, but look at the humidity, 79%, very light southerly wind. we'll continue to see humidity rise into the course of the next few days. so not much break at all. clouds, well, fair amount into the course of tonight. we'll be mostly cloudy skies tonight lingering into tomorrow and then a little break. we have a ridge of high pressure moving out. it will open us up for a really strong flow of southerly air. it's going to get a little unstable in term of air mass. 78 degrees now at d.c., 70 gaithersburg, quantico 83, 75 dulles, 76 hagerstown, 72
10:52 pm
winchester and culpeper, 73 degrees at fredericksburg. here's a look at temperatures elsewhere. mid-section of the country had triple digit highs into the course of today. some of this warmer air will filter its way straight up the mid-atlantic into the course of the week. we'll start to see our temperatures get back into the 90s again. with all that once again humidity will continue to kick in. we'll become very unstable. we'll keep our eye on a frontal system that will move through. the jet stream is well to the south setting us up for the return of the heat, hot, human and hazy conditions. so prepare yourself accordingly. here's a look at what's happening. we've got this ridge of high pressure pushing out looking at a chance of storms heading through tomorrow afternoon. some of those could be strong. frontal system to the west, that will edge its way towards us as well. by tuesday once again we'll be in the thick of seeing a chance of more thunderstorms. with all the heat and humidity that will be in place, the atmosphere will become very unstable. we could see some winds that could pick up and become
10:53 pm
damaging into the course of tomorrow. we'll have to watch it closely. here's futurecast. we hit into the early part of the afternoon and start to see a little action with rain showers and storms just to the southeast of front royal. then we start to see more later in the afternoon hours. by the 7:00 hour once again more storms in the forecast before we start to get a little break and then tuesday we've got another round to keep our eye on. tonight no storms in the forecast, mainly cloudy skies, temperatures into the upper 60s and low 70s pretty much everywhere, a fairly mile night. here's a look at your day planner -- mild night. here's a look at your day planner. by midday tomorrow 90 degrees. storms should kick in by the early part of the afternoon, by the 5:00 hour thunderstorms and 92 degrees. tonight overnight low 73 degrees, mostly cloudy, mild, light southerly wind flow, storms expected moving into the afternoon hours and evening hours tomorrow, 93 degrees for the daytime high. those storms sticking around tuesday as well.
10:54 pm
we get a break on wednesday, though. we've got plenty of sunshine for you. we'll drop down just a couple degrees, not very much, relatively speak. thursday and friday the end of the week we've got a series of disturbances, once again a little unsettled, chance of thunderstorms. that's kind of sticking around most of the week. we just have to keep our eyes to the skies. if you're planning anything outside, please pay attention. >> or do it wednesday. coming up here on the 10:00 turning a tainted past into a bright future, some local inmates breaking stereotypes behind bars. >> coming up on the news edge at 11:00 the latest on the movie massacre in colorado. stay with us. i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
10:55 pm
[romomney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
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10:57 pm
we've all heard the saying you did the crime, you do the time. so often we see criminals revert back to their old ways after serving time behind bars. >> there is something happening
10:58 pm
inside a virginia jail that could help offenders from getting back in trouble and it could eventually help all of us. fox 5's beth parker goes inside the jail. >> connected by the railroad. >> reporter: a crisp necktie, shiny shoes. >> the death toll from the civil war, 600,000. >> reporter: a professor lecturing about history, but these students are not free to go at the end of class. they are inmates at alexandria adult detention center, the jail. >> they always tell you that education is the key to success, but i never believed that, you know. i always been a knucklehead and done my own thing. >> reporter: that shia clark says is how she ended up in jail, this time for larceny. she is studying african american history. it's a new partnership between the alexandria sheriff's office and northern virginia community college. dr. jim mcclelland is dean of liberal arts. >> we at the college believe that everybody should have an opportunity to reach his or her full potential no matter who or where they are. >> reporter: mcclellan says
10:59 pm
these are good students. >> they are literally a captive audience and they do their hopework. i wish my students on campus -- homework. i wish my students on campus were as well prepared as the students here. >> reporter: assistant lawhorn has seen what educating in hate can do. >> they leave here -- education can do. >> they leave here with more optimism and confidence. >> reporter: ultimately the idea is to run parallel classes here at the jail and at nova. the hope is if an inmate is released from here, that person could walk right onto campus as a student. johan aceda was a student when a parole violation sent him back to jail. they say dr. mcclelland is helping them understand the value of learning. >> when you get out,


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